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  1. GPT-4 Can Use Tools, Serve a REST API, Pilot Drones and Drop Grenades

Hello :)

My name is Frédéric van der Essen and this is my webpage. I'm a computer engineer based in Brussels, with a background in computer graphics, webtech and AI. I mainly build cloud APIs in the fintech industry. I have quite a few projects on Github. I also do some electronic music.

If you want to contact me for some reason, don't hesitate to send an email at fvdessen+w[at] Or you can follow me on Twitter, that works too !

There's not much on this website yet, but I hope you can enjoy the few things I made. For the curious, the hero picture above, is from a good friend's hometown in Umbria, Italy, where nature is still alive, people are still people, and things move in a gentler way.